Thursday, February 19, 2009

forgot his pants...

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Just a random note. I thought his little t-shirt was too funny not to share. Is it bad that we dress our dogs like people?! I've always wanted to do that... please don't think I'm strange! He really doesn't mind!

Get Lost!!

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I found this on yet another blog...

Just love it. Makes me want to "kidnap" my husband and take him on a fabulous vacation where we can relax in the sun and not think about work, chores, basically anything that's not relaxing and fun.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

love... again today!

I saw this on Blah, Blah, Blahg and it made me smile. This basically explains how I feel about my loving and supportive husband and family. They can make any "rainy day" better. And, how appropriate, it is quite dark and gloomy today in Indianapolis!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just a thought...

Taken from a new blog I found called oh, hello friend.

love list.

So I like to follow a really cool blog called Operation Nice. Every Monday there is an "Nice Assignment" and even though I'm a day late, I'd like to participate! Check out the original post Operation NICE: NICE Assignment: Make a Love List #4'.

Here is my love list "places":

I love my husband and would rather be with him anywhere, no matter where he is! I love Hawaii and I miss it dearly. I lived there for a year when I was 10 years old and my heart aches to go back there some day. I love Jamaica because that was where Todd and I were married and it now holds such a special place in my heart. I love going to my parents' house for dinner when the whole family is there and I can watch my little nephew run around like crazy. I love the little Mexican restaurant near our house where they recognize us and I always get the same dish (chicken nachos!) I love Arizona... I seriously want to do whatever it takes to be able to live there in 5 years or less. I love my house, especially my bedroom and my bed. It is the best place to relax and take a nap... in my bed, bedroom and house is where I truly feel "at home" and safe. I love IKEA. There are no words to describe the amount of fun that I can have in one store! I love the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It never gets old! I love the zoo and would love to thank my parents once again for getting Todd and I a membership for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I love going downtown to the Circle and walking around the Monument... even if it is cold, it is still quite beautiful! I love going to bookstores and wandering around. We always come home with bags of books and I'm yet to catch up with any of them, but I just love books. There are so many places that I love that I couldn't possibly mention them all at this very moment. I'll have to update if I think of something that is amazing but forgot to mention.

Melissa from Operation Nice was right, once you make a list of all of the places you love, you can't help but smile and be happy. I'll try to keep that going for awhile!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Day.

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I hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine's Day!

My husband is amazing. He made me the most delicious dinner... appetizer, meal and dessert! It was so good and the night just kept getting better. We enjoyed our dinner and some wine before playing Yatzee and cuddling up for The Dark Night. It was great! Those are my favorite kinds of dates. I hope that everyone else had as great of a love day as I did!


So we made it home from Arizona... but not without having lots of adventures!

Day 1: Thursday, February 5, 2009
Woke up at 2:45am in order to leave our house and meet at my parents' house by 4:15am. That was an early morning! Travel the entire day was amazingly smooth and easy. We arrived in sunny Scottsdale around 1pm, just in time for lunch. We ate delicious sandwiches at a little Bistro and it was wonderful. That afternoon we lounged by the pool... because it was 83 degrees! Only about 83 degrees warmer than Indianapolis when we left... darn!

Day 2: Friday, February 6, 2009
Got up early and enjoyed breakfast at Butterfield's Pancake House. So scrumptious! Thank you to my friend and co-worker Mrs. Funke for recommending such a yummy place! Then it was to the car for a 3 hour drive to Tombstone. To see those pictures check out my Flickr page. We had lots of fun and I think Kris was basically in Heaven!

Day 3: Saturday, February 7, 2009
After enjoying another tasty breakfast at Butterfield's (yes... we had to go two days in a row... it was just that good...) we had to sit through a sales presentation about the resort and Westin hotels, resorts, etc. Only 2.5 hours later and we were free! Then it was back to the resort to lounge and just enjoy the fact that we were in a place almost 80 degress warmer than home and also that we weren't at work. It was great! Saturday night we had wine by the fire, outdoors. Can't beat it. I need to move to Arizona. Anyone know of any jobs in research?? :) I need it. I need to get there.

Day 4: Sunday, February 8, 2009
Traveling home. Boo. Remember how I said the trip there was easy? Not so much on the way back! The plane we were supposed to leave on had been struck by lightening. Needless to say (although no one was harmed) there were some electrical issues and they didn't want anyone else using that plane. So luckily the airline was able to find us another flight but that didn't put us home in our beds until about 4am on Monday morning. I slept-in until around 2pm :) Don't you just love vacations?

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip. Again... I need to move there...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just one more day...

Day #346 (02.03.2009), originally uploaded by ashlye nicole.

Until we are on a plane and heading to sunny Arizona. Did I mention that I am sick of Indiana weather and the snow we just keep getting? Tomorrow is going to be a really good day!