Wednesday, October 28, 2009

little ones: kaedon

-indianapolis, in-

At the end of August, I met with with long-time pal, Krystle, and her son Kaedon. We thought it would be fun to get some pictures of Kaedon because he just turned 5! He's growing like a weed and turning into such a wonderful young man. We really enjoyed our time at the IMA and I hope Krystle, Kaedon and family loves the pictures as much as I do. Krys, you've got quite a model on your hands!

p.s. everyone be ready for blog upload overload... I'm on a mission tonight to get more caught up!!


he just loves to cuddle with his momma...

Thank you both for such a fun day! I'm glad that Todd and I (you know, my man-friend) could help and enjoy a lovely day with you both! =)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer 2009 - An Update

So here we are, its August and it is time for an update on what we've been up to this summer. Here is a review of the last few weeks... in my favorite form... photos!

Todd is so cute... He just turned 28 on the 17th... happy birthday honey!!!

Todd and his twin, Carrie. Nice smiles!

The Monster.

Just playing around... I love these flowers in our front yard. They have been blooming off and on all summer. I'll be sad when summer is over and the flowers are gone.

Happy Birthday to me! My parents sent me a little gift in the mail for my birthday. I'll have to post a picture of the cute little necklace that I found inside. Thank you both!

Playing with the Lensbaby...

Ally got me a book that describes what our dreams mean. This is my new "dream journal" to write down what I was dreaming about the night before. That way I'll remember them and be able to look them up in my new book! Thanks for the wonderful birthday gift Al! I've already remembered 3 dreams!

I love this. I want to blow it up and hang it in our living room.

My grandparents met us at PF Changs for lunch last Saturday. The meal and the company was pretty great. And I made them get their photos taken before everyone left. I always do!

One word... yay...

One of the many cute cake toppers on my birthday cake...

More cake... ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery. Thank you Todd!

Todd and Carrie's birthday cake. All lit up!

Ally. I love this one.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Big Day: Annie and Tyler

- Kokomo, IN -

I cannot even begin to explain how much fun I had spending the day with Annie, Tyler, their friends and family. Annie and Tyler are about the coolest couple around. Even though the day started with some not-so-great weather and was a little wet, they were more than happy to step outside and take lots of pictures. How cool is that?! I want to thank Brooke from Brooke and Pedro Photography for letting me be a second shooter that day. I learned so much and can't wait to team up once again! Thanks again to Annie and Tyler for being the coolest people around! I wish you both the very best!!!

The sun decided to come out that afternoon :)

This one has to be one of my favorites...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my happy life.

- Fishers, IN -

Just a quick post to say that I love my life. Here are a few things that I love.

Bella helping me take some photos...

Pink flowers in my front yard...

My cute hubby...

More pink flowers...

Oooh. Purple flowers...

More cute hubby... and Bella.

Hooray. Just wanted to say that I'm happy for my life and for summer :)


- Indianapolis, IN -

I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with the wonderful Brooke and Pedro. I learned so much and was able to snap a few photos of them. They were nice enough to be our models and I think they look fabulous! We spent the day at the IMA and it was the perfect location. Check out their blog and their amazing photos. Thank you Brooke and Pedro!

Brooke actually took this shot with my camera and one of her lenses. I love it. I think that I need this lens now :) And... my ring looks so pretty!

Thanks again to my new friends Brooke and Pedro :)

Adventures in Gardening...

- Noblesville, IN -

We have been helping out with the garden at church. I can't say that I'm exactly a "green thumb" but I enjoy going out there with my family. Here are just a few photos of our recent gardening adventures.

My darling husband.

My little nephew, Landen. He was obviously out there to help us.

Landen's favorite boots.

Mom at the garden.

Another favorite... Mom holding a chicken. Priceless!

I just love the weeds!!

Todd and the lettuce. The first veggies ready to be picked!

The chickens!

Ally holding a chicken. This is my favorite. I can't not laugh at the look on her face.